Jill Listi Dance Studio provides a Registration & Payment Portal to make your payments online accessible. You will receive a detailed schedule of payments and their processing dates from the studio before each dance season begins. At registration you are committing your child/children for the entire dance season and performance.



  • Tuition payments are due on the 1st of each month and are considered late after the 10th.  Tuition runs September thru May. Additional classes will be held in April in preparation for our May Performance, so both April and May tuition payments will be due on April 1st.Our late fee is $25 and NSF fee is $50. 
  • Costume fee is due November 1st. Costumes are ordered and will usually require minor alterations by parents. 
  • Performance fee is due February 1st. Our performance is the first weekend of May.
  • Videography fee is due March 1st. A professional videography company will be hired for performance.




A parent or guardian can setup automatic payment through the Registration & Payment Portal. Your automatic payments will be processed on the 1st of each month from your preferred method of payment – either checking account or credit/bank card.

If two months in arrears, your dancer(s) will be automatically dropped from the roster. You are still responsible for any and all fees owed.

A 30-day written notice through email is required should, for any reason, you have a need to withdraw your child/children from enrollment at JLDS. Your account will be charged until written notice is received through email.

JLDS COVID-19 Guidelines

JLDS wants to remain proactive in preventing the spread of COVID-19. Therefore, we put together the following list of guidelines to follow.

  • If you have been exposed to someone having COVID-19 or have any symptoms including but not limited to fever, cough, fatigue, sore throat, body aches, headache, shortness of breath, loss of taste/smell, etc. please do attend/send your dancer(s) to class. 
  • Lobby Area is closed. Students ONLY may enter and exit through the lobby
  • Drop off is the left lane closest to the street. Pick up is the right lane closest to the building
  • No parents, siblings, friends, or relatives will be allowed in the studio before, during, or after classes
  • Dancers must bring their own water bottles (water fountains and vending machines will not be available for use)
  • Dancers must use the restroom before arriving (changing clothes in the studio will NOT be allowed and restroom usage will be reserved for emergencies ONLY)
  • Dancers ages 8 years or older must wear mask to enter/exit class.
  • Dancers who are driving to class can park on the side of JLDS building or back of building. Do not block or park at dentist office.
  • For the safety of everyone our Studio Driveway is one way.
  • Proper dance etiquette is expected of all dancers–-no talking during class, be attentive & respectful of teachers & other dancers.
  • Students may bring bottled water into their classes, but gum, food and other beverages are not allowed.
  • Dancers will be instructed to stand on their designated “X” on the floor in dance room that is spaced to appropriate state/local occupancy guidelines calculated by a consultant.
  • Dancers should arrive no more than 5 minutes before class time and should be picked up promptly at the end of class. 
  • Dancer must remain in car with parent/guardian until instructed to enter JLDS building.
  • Dancers who are repeatedly picked up more than 10 minutes after the end of class may incur a late pick-up fee. 
  • Teachers and/or teacher assistants will disinfect dance room in-between each class. 

**JLDS has a UV light filtration system in all AC units.**

  • We have multiple ways of communicating with you including our website, email, parent portal, Instagram, and Facebook pages
  • Important notes, reminders, schedules, etc. will be emailed to you. Please note the name of your dancer’s class to get information that applies to her/him.
  • Please contact the studio through email or phone
  • The studio email address is info@jilllistidancestudio.com and telephone number is 337-989-8115
  • Office hours are Monday thru Thursday from 10:30-2pm September thru May. Summer (June thru August) hours do apply. Please check our social media platforms for updated times.



  • Tan mary jane tap shoes & pink ballet shoes
  • Any color leotard/tights, leggings or dance shorts/dance top
  • No loose clothing will be allowed
  • Hair should be pulled away from face and off of neck


  • Tan slip on tap shoes, tan slip on jazz shoes, pink ballet shoes
  • Any color leotard/tights, leggings or dance shorts/dance top
  • No loose clothing will be allowed
  • Hair should be pulled away from face and off of neck


  • Tan slip on tap shoes, any jazz shoe or half shoe for class, pink ballet shoes
  • Specific shoes for performances will be updated throughout the year
  • Jazz/tap/lyrical classes any color leotard, leggings or dance shorts/dance top
  • No loose clothing will be allowed
  • Ballet class: a specific color leotard will be purchased through the studio for your
      designated ballet class (hair in bun)


  • Pink ballet shoes
  • Tan or pink tights
  • Color coded leotard (purchased through the studio)
  • No loose clothing will be allowed
  • Hair in bun


  • Any t-shirt/tank, shorts or athletic pants
  • Tennis shoes (specific tennis shoe needed for performance)
  • Regular attendance in all classes your dancer is registered for is expected and appreciated.
    • If your dancer will miss class, please notify the studio in advance and we will inform the teacher.
    • If your dancer will need to leave class early, please notify the studio prior to class beginning.
    • We ask that our dancers arrive on time to get the most out of their dance experience.
    • The months of February, March, and April are important in preparing for our performance. Any necessary absences during this time should be discussed in advance with the teacher prior to missing class.
    • To preserve the high quality of our annual performance, we require that the entire class be in attendance for regular classes and extra rehearsals during the final six weeks leading into the performance. Failure to adhere to this policy could result in your dancer being removed from the routines.
  • Rehearsals begin the Wednesday before and are mandatory.  If a dancer misses the Mandatory rehearsal without an excused absence from Ms. Jill, the dancer will not be able to perform in the show.



As a parent/guardian of enrolled student at Jill Listi Dance Studio, you hereby consent to and authorize Jill Listi Dance Studio of Lafayette, Louisiana, and all entities, representatives, employees and agents operating under its authority to record, use, edit, reproduce and/or publish photographs, video, audio and/or other media that may portray and/or relate to your minor child, his/her image, likeness and/or voice, without compensation. You understand that these materials may be used in various print, including electronic media, including but not limited to the Jill Listi Dance Studio website and the Jill Listi Dance Studio publication and/or other endeavors related to its interests. You understand that this company may use and/or publish materials relating to your minor child and/or use his/her photograph, voice, video images and other media relating to your minor child in any manner that this company deems appropriate in order to promote and/or publicize its programs, or for any other lawful purpose.

This authorization shall not expire and will remain effective indefinitely until rescinded in writing.