Private Lessons

***Please note – Should you need to cancel a private lesson for any reason, there is a required 24 hour cancellation policy. The $75.00 – $95.00 fee for the lesson will be charged as the studio has been reserved for your use during that time.

Private lessons are available for students who want to increase their technique individually or who want to prepare for the JLDS Elite dancers and/or dance team tryouts and other auditions! Students begin this process as early as 6 years old. If you are interested in doing so throughout the year and/or summer, please contact the office at 337-989-8115 or email, info@ and we will put you in contact with the instructors.

Private lessons costs are as follows:

$75 per hour for 1 student

$85 per hour for 2 students

$95 per hour for 3 students

$50 per 1/2 hour (1 student max for 1/2 hour lessons)

$65 per 3/4 hour (1 student max per 3/4 hour)

There may be 1-3 students for 1 hour private lessons (3 students max)

Please contact the studio and we will assist in arranging your dancer’s private lessons.