About Our Studio

From technical training combined with a fun and vibrant atmosphere, Jill Listi Dance Studio provides it all. JLDS has been a part of the Lafayette community for over 30 years and has over 300 years of combined quality experience among the staff. JLDS has a very diverse group of instructors who have danced professionally throughout the country or have owned and operated their own studios. The JLDS staff has the compassion, experience, and drive needed to give your dancer or dancers the highest quality of education. We believe that hard work produces success!

Jill and her staff have trained dancers who are successful in the dance industry. Many have gone on to continue their careers professionally in New York, Los Angeles, Disney World, and Europe. JLDS Elite Dancers are National Winners and have won numerous scholarships around the country. JLDS offers performance-based classes for recreational dancers, competitive dancers, and handicapped dancers.

Jill and her staff say the studio is the place for everyone. Thank you for your interest in our studio and remember – it’s so much more than just dance!

Certified member of:

Dance Masters of America

Louisiana Association of Dance Masters

Dixie Dance Masters

South Texas Association of Dance Teachers, Inc.